Spotlight: Phalaenopsis Bellina

Bellina is a species, however can also be sold with P. Violacea.

Epiphyte often found at 200m altitude in tree canopies or by riversides. The name comes from the Latin bellus for beautiful.

 Phalaenopsis Bellina is a beautiful Phal endemic to Borneo. 

Phalaenopsis Bellina is a beautiful Phal endemic to Borneo. 

The blooming a Bellina can be a little more difficult than typical Phalaenopsis. It has thinner leaves and needs higher humidity, it also likes more light than typical Phalaenopsis. Be careful with their leaves as they can rip.



Bright light required for flowering. Don’t put it next to your hybrid Phals.



Let them dry between waterings, but not bone dry. Don’t mist. Water in the early morning.



 20-28C up to 30C during the day, 18-20C at night for flowering..



80% humidity is ideal, with high humidity at night, but it can tolerate 50%.

Note: susceptible to brown rot if there is not enough ventilation.



Bark, spag moss,  can be in a cork basket. Some say spag only is best. Plant them on an angle so that they can drip any water off their leaves, as they would in nature.






 yes. Like lemon or spice.



 20 – 10 -20


Endemic to: Borneo & Malaysia