Spotlight: Paphiopedilum Claire de Lune

Hybrid registered by renowned orchid breeder Frederick Sander. 

Slipper orchids are among the easiest to grow. They have long lasting flowers which can last up to 3 months. These are adaptable, can be grown even on windowsills or under lights. Green and white Maudiaes are sometimes called "albino"  because they lack the more common red pigment.

I recently acquired a hybrid Clair de Lune X Hung Sheng Jewel, and since a care sheet for that doesn't exist, I'm going to spotlight them separately. Check back soon if you're also interest in Heng Sheng! 

Clair de Lune Care

Light Intermediate Light, eastern light is good. 

Temperature  65-75F or 18-24C and 55-60F at night or 13 to 18C

Humidity 50% or higher. 

Watering Water as it approaches dryness, don't let it fully dry out. 

Media  Bark mix. 

Endemic: This is a hybrid but it's parentage comes from high altitudes in Indonesia, and Borneo. 

Parentage: Paph Alma Gevaert  X  Paph Emerald.  For more parentage info see:


Journal note:

I got a Paphiopedilum Claire de Lune cross at the Fraser Valley Orchid Show in 2016 from ForestView Gardens. Here are some pics of it when I got it, and then when it finally flowered in Dec-Feb 2016. Note the Flower started to open around Christmas 2016, and is still looking great as of this writing  Jan 29th, 2017.