Spotlight: Brassavola flagellaris

Alliance: Cattleya

It's name means "whip-like" and a quick look at the leaves will tell you why. 

 brassavola flagellaris

brassavola flagellaris


Temperature: Warm to hot. Up to 25C. 

Watering: Water often. 

Tolerant to Drought.

Humidity: High humidity. (Could not find a specific number). 

Media: Bark, perlite, charcoal, coarse sphagnum, to rocks. 

They can be placed on slabs to allow their roots more aeration. Some suggest it grows best on cork mounts. It can even be grown upside down. 

Fragrant: Yes, spicy citrus perhaps with hints of honey and jasmine. blooms spring to summer. 

Endemic: Eastern Brazil