Spotlight: Beallara Eurostar

aka Cambria or Aliceara 

History: Beallara is a hybrid between brassia x cochlioda x miltonia x odontoglossum.  It's parents are Beallara (Aliceara) Tahoma Glacier and Oncidium schroederianum, that's quite an extensive heritage!

She has dramatic autumn-vivid flowers and a spicy fragrance.



General she's pretty hardy! 

Lighting: She likes Bright light with morning or evening sun. 

Temperature: Must be warmer than 14C or 57F. 

Humidity: She likes being misted every morning as long as it dries off her leaves by the end of the day. 

Media: She likes a mix of fir bark and peat moss. 

Fertilizer: Diluted fertilizer every month during spring summer, less during winter. 

A photo of my young Eurostar is coming soon! She's in spike! (Oct 2016). 

She just opened!