This home is located in Saseenos, close to the Galloping Goose, the Sooke Potholes and the town of Sooke. An easier commute than homes in Sooke, this gem is within 25 min driving distance of big box stores in Langford, and as little as 40 minutes from Victoria.

Below, find more information about the Sooke and Saseenos communities and lifestyle. 


Known for a warm, dry micro-climate. Often the winds are lighter and the rain misses this unique area East of Sooke River. The owners of this home have often found it to be less foggy, have less wind and ice and be have generally milder weather than the areas surrounding it.

Saseenos comes from from the Coast Salish language meaning sunny land rising up from the sea.

 Saseenos was created as a 1000 acre subdivision in 1921, stretching from Idlemore Road to Coopers Cove. It is bisected by Sooke Road and includes homes along the Sooke Basin and upland from Sooke Road. Today residents call it Sunny Saseenos, and those of us who live here are certain we enjoy warming temperatures and more sunshine than the rest of Sooke. * 

The Sooke/Saseenos Lifestyle

Sooke's popularity as a scenic tourist destination has existed for generations. Well-known destinations in Sooke, such as Whiffin Spit Park, the Sooke Potholes Regional Park, and adjacent Sooke Potholes Provincial Park attract visitors both locally and from around the world. The area's popularity has increased as a base for visiting the wilderness parks of Vancouver Island's southwest coast — the West Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park which includes the now highly popular Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Sooke, BC is also famous for it's beaches just on the outskirts of it's neighboring communities such as Shirley and Jordan River. These beaches include Sandcut, French beach, Fishboat bay, China beach, Mystic beach, and more. (*Wikipedia)

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It’s endless fun. It’s almost like an exotic quality the Sooke Potholes has. It’s a little out this world the way the falls and the potholes look. It’s out of the ordinary. Not a normal thing you see every day.
— Nelly Furtado


The Sooke/Saseenos area contains a strong artists community, and internationally renowned Sooke Harbour House and many other community activities and restaurants.

We love it. We love the view, the garden and the community. We are really happy here, and all the artists in this area are phenomenal: The Sooke Fine Arts Show, the Stinking Fish Studio tour, so many interesting things going on.
— Liz & Leo, Times Colonist

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