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I'm just an orchid newbie who wants to document her adventures. Most of the articles here were for my own education (see: orchid cheat sheets and orchid spotlights). I thought, while I'm accumulating all this interesting information why don't I keep a blog about it? 

I've had orchids for about 6 years, mostly Phalaenopsis, except for a dendrobium I purchased at the Victoria Orchid show a few years ago, and one lone seedling I purchased in the amazon 16 years ago (a story for another day.)

This year I've decided to make the plunge and open myself up to the great variety of orchids out there. (Really there are thousands! --- THOUSANDS!!) My goal is to build an orchid greenhouse, and document my experiences here. I've built a somewhat passive solar type regular greenhouse at my old home, but would like to create a heated and orchid geared greenhouse this time around -- very different! 

I'm currently located in Sooke on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, so I enjoy a somewhat high humidity in the fall/winter (50-60% without humidifier), less in the summer, and low light conditions in the winter when the 5-months of grey skies begins! (But it almost never snows here!) In the summer here it gets very dry and sometimes much too hot. 

If you have tips & expertise to add, please reach out to me. I'm always happy to hear constructive tips. If you do reach out, please tell me know your area/climate/growing conditions so that I can contextualize your advise if applicable. 

If you're interested, follow me on instagram and pinterest and I will be sure to follow back.